The history of MAster's Mind MEdia
Master's Mind Media has come a long way since it began in 2007. While volunteering his amateur video and audio editing services to the Pinellas Parent Educators Association (PPEA), "MasterMind Productions" was being born. Mikael Guerra, a student, gained much experience and learned a lot from his success as well as his mistakes made along the way. The more he did free-of-charge projects, the better finished products would become. being homeschooled allowed many opportunities for him to go out and work with what he loved doing, including an internship at his church's video department. 
One day, MasterMind Productions entered a video contest from a local radio station, Joy FM. The grand prize was 20 tickets to the Night of Joy concert event in 2009 so for the first time, Mikael got friends and family together to work on a project. It was his first time working with other people on a project and it took much patience and prayer. The process was full of cheer and it was God-honoring through and through. the result ended in a grand prize victory and they all shared in the spoils of victory. After this success, Mikael realized his gift in video is a gift is from God, and for God. He decided to change "MasterMind Productions" to "Master's Mind Productions" to reflect where the quality of his work comes from and to focus on the creative god we create for. 
since then, this business has been blessed with paying commissions that a young teenager would not think possible. weddings, music videos, live concert shoots, promotional videos for organizations and events, animation, and more. later, other projects like editing audio clips, photography, digital design, websites, and even designing a book cover have been added to our portfolio.  after much prayer and discussion, for hopefully one final time, we changed the name to "Master's Mind Media" to emphasis our areas of expertise to more than just videos.  we strive to honor and glorify God with every frame we capture at an affordable price to anyone who comes to us in need of our services. We are happy with all that we have accomplished these past many years and plan on continuing to serve you as long as the lord enables us.